The New Supply & Demand Toolbox


Combining the best practices of Spotco marketing with Level Forward’s award-winning impact services, integrated and coordinated from early planning through execution and measurement, the New Supply and Demand toolbox gives storytellers and producers access to a powerful and precedent-setting suite of resources.

From unique information and analysis tools, proprietary research, stakeholder and audience development services, as well as creative, messaging, and positioning informed by community leaders and experts, the New Supply and Demand toolbox includes See Forward, our newly launched research panel, access to insights and strategy services from the Level Forward Impact Advisory Group and the Storytelling For Social Good workshop.

Designed to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and maximize results, the NSD toolbox includes:

  • Audience, stakeholder, and narrative analysis giving clients an early sense of whom they should be working to engage and how to build trust with critical constituents who can be both a make-or-break factor as well as stewards and surrogates through unforeseen opportunities and challenges
  • Messaging, creative, outreach, and partnerships which identify the various languages and priorities and means of communicating across various audience and stakeholder segments
  • Media planning, press strategy, ancillary content, dialogue, & context to establish various on-ramps for diverse levels of access and engagement, to deepen the conversations, and propagate the word of mouth
  • Ticketing, pricing, activations, & calls to action that create seamless incremental connections with a production or brand
  • Measurement & recommendations to make adjustments in real time

LEVEL FORWARD is a story-driven/impact-minded, Tony Award-winning, ACLU/NYCLU-honored, Anthem Award-winning film, theater, and television mini-studio. Comprised of storytellers, entrepreneurs, and social change-makers, the Company works with like-minded partners to illustrate how social impact is as much about good business as it is about public good. Films include Body Parts, The Year Between, The Big Payback, The Assistant, Holler, Rebel Hearts, Topside, You Resemble Me, On The Record, and American Woman. Theater includes POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumb Ass Are Seven Women Trying To Keep Him Alive, Slave Play, What The Constitution Means To Me, Jagged Little Pill, Oklahoma!, and Parade. Engage with some of Level Forward’s social impact work at More To Talk About or check out some key metrics on the Company dashboard.

SPOTCO has played a leading role in developing Broadway’s most iconic brands, from the stenciled typography of Rent to the strikingly bold star of Hamilton. Since its founding in 1997, the agency has represented over 500 Broadway productions, as well as institutions such as Roundabout Theatre Company and Lincoln Center Theater. SpotCo's current roster of clients includes Hadestown, The Book of Mormon, MJ: The Musical, Leopoldstat, Little Shop of Horrors, and Bob Fosse’s Dancin’.


Q: We are traditional marketers who believe in advertising. Why do we need this new toolbox?

A: Without a demand-side strategy, your advertising dollars are less effective and efficient because you are only focused on the supply-side. Understanding more precisely not just who your stakeholders are, but what is important to them and what they value, will help you drive more authentic, trusting, and thus more powerful connections to your work. Our Spotco/Level Forward coordinated resources give you an inside perspective on what drives your constituents.

Q: What can you do to help with our access ticketing initiative?

A: Radicalizing access is more than discounts. It’s even more than free tickets. It’s about relationship building, over time, and sustained. Between Spotco and Level Forward, we’ve invested in longstanding relationships to provide support when you need it and to promote greater care of the communities you need to engage.

Q: Can you help our production diversify our audience?

A: We can provide you with insights and strategy that can enable you to build deeper connections with distant stakeholders who might otherwise not feel connected to, or welcomed by, your work.

Q: Do you work with brands outside of theater?

A: Absolutely. We believe that everyone is a storyteller and has a need to understand the dynamics of pushing at their audience vs. pulling from their audience. Whether you are selling tickets, subscriptions, merchandise, or a brand, the New Supply and Demand toolbox provides you with actionable insights and coordinated implementation.

Q: How can I think about social impact when I am just trying to make my investor’s money back?

A: Fundamental to understanding the New Supply and Demand is having the vision to see forward, to see that an extra investment today will create greater value tomorrow. In fact, we believe this approach reduces waste and maximizes the effectiveness of your media dollars, because you can track multiple variables over time, measure them, and adjust.

Q: Can I ask the Impact Advisory Group a specific question about a problem I am having?

A: Yes, the Impact Advisory Group can be engaged on project-specific opportunities and challenges.

Q: What are the costs of these new services?

A: The cost depends on your needs, your timeline, and your objectives. Your answers to these questions will help us propose a custom solution for your work.

Q: How can I learn more?

A: Fill out the inquiry form below. Or say hello by emailing us at info@levelforward.co.